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The Guatemala Mission’s Trip application papers have arrived!

The Guatemala Mission’s Trip application papers have arrived! I am looking forward to filling them out.  It looks quite extensive.  But I am committed to doing this.  I know that God has laid this upon my heart.  I do hope and pray that others will join me from our church. I was told yesterday that a fellow I was hoping to go with me has chosen not to go. I fully appreciate his reasoning and I would be of the same heart and mind in his situation.  He really would like to go…he wanted to go to Belize for the last trip.  But the reality of the situation is that he has three children under the age of 4…which would be a great challenge for his dear wife. We will be under the auspices of Missionary Ventures based in Guelph, Ontario.  They have a rich and extensive history in sending these small short term teams to a variety of fields. So they should really know what they are doing.  So time to get down to the paper work!

Guatemala 2014 Papers!

Guatemala 2014 Papers!


A Gentle Stirring…

Over the past few months I have had a gentle stirring in my heart to learn to speak Spanish.  I have priced it out and there is a language teaching program called Rosetta Stone that is apparently used by the US Army and major companies around the world to teach their people language skills. I have chosen to wait for now…but Lord willing I will soon be able to purchase it.

I quickly tried the program one morning and in about 20 minutes I learned some new words and short phrases…it did not take long at all and I can even recite them now…

  • el hombre…the man…
  • el mujar…the woman…
  • el nino…the boy…
  • el nina…the girl…
  • commo…eat…
  • bebe…drinks

Anyways, this evening I was at the ball diamond watching our church team play ball and two Spanish workers were sitting not too far away and I really felt limited in speaking with them.  It is a very feeble and limited attempt to speak English with them hoping that they will understand.  So, to make a long story shorter…it is my desire that I can learn the language before I go to Guatemala…even just a simple cursory grasp of Spanish would be a great asset. Our monthly outreach dinners would be a great opportunity to practice my Spanish skills…it would also demonstrate to the men that I really want to communicate with them…I have a message to tell them…the chains are off and I have been set free.

Aftermath of Father’s Day!

This is the day after celebrating my 14th Father’s Day 2013 being a father, What a great day! I am always astounded and truly humbled at the thought that God has given to me children to provide for, care for and to nurture and disciple.  It is a great privilege to be a father of children.  With each child you remember the details of the day they were brought into the world and the joy and expectation that accompanied those momentous days. Second only to my wedding day, are the actual birth dates of each of my children.

I watch my eldest daughter and I see the God given beauty that God is growing in her.  Just recently I have noticed a beauty that surpasses all I could have ever imagined in a daughter. She is looking more and more like her mother both inside and out. Her love for Jesus and her love for God’s people is evident. Careful concern for truthfulness and accuracy in all she does is a strength that is not often seen. Balancing her out is her love of experiencing joy. She loves to have fun. With a twinkle in her eye she is looking for mischief and the very next second she is thinking mature thoughts of concern to her heart. Her best friend is her younger sister. They can giggle and laugh for hours. I pray that they will be inseparable as true intimate friends. That they will always hold that kindred spirit with each other. My prayer is that she will continue to glorify God with her beautiful gifts and abilities, pointing her peers to Jesus and a Christ like standard.

And just when you think you can handle no more blessing, God gives abundantly more. My second eldest daughter, brings immense joy into our home. Again like her mother, there are qualities in her that defy any kind of adequate description. She loves people, she loves her peers. From her fellow classmates at school to her grandparents she exudes a joy that is infectious and loving concern that is self sacrificing. I firmly believe that the depth of her thinking exceeds that of her age group. With a giggle, she teaches me all that I need to know about iPads and Smart boards. For her age, God has given to her a sense of responsibility and compassion and a desire to put a smile on peoples faces. I pray that her heart will always be softened by a Christ-like compassion for others, both young and old alike, that she will continue to lead her peers toward Jesus.

The moment my son was born I still remember the moment when the Doctor told us we have a son.  My heart stopped…and I literally wanted to make sure! And sure enough there he was! My son! With each year that has passed he is more boy now than ever. I was wrestling with him the other day and I noticed how muscular he was already! It won’t be long before he out powers me. He truly is a young knight in the making.  He loves to make me smile. I find myself  continually watching him, and smiling on his boyish ways, how he loves his mother and yes even how he loves his sisters of that I know for certain.  I pray that he will live pure…that he will right wrong…that he will speak truth… and that he will follow the King! I have the greatest confidence in my boy that he will make a great contribution to his generation for Jesus.

And of course, there is my wife. How rich is a man who has a godly wife…one who loves Christ more than anything else in this world. I am a rich, rich man! I have no need for silver and gold,. or precious jewels.  God has given to me a treasure of unspeakable worth. The way that she loves me is self-sacrificial, unconditional, and unselfish. While at the same time, she caring for and loving her children tirelessly. There is literally nothing she wouldn’t do for them. While in a beautiful way teaches them by her example and her instruction. I see the way each of my children look to her for wisdom and counsel. She always takes them to the Word of God.

So this is my Father’s Day aftermath!  A truly happy father’s day!

Praying for Guatemala 2014!

Thinking and praying toward Guatemala…our church has been invited to participate in a mission’s trip to Cubulco, Guatemala in January-February 2014. The intention of the trip is to encourage a small local church that has been meeting in a living room of Pastor Alejandro. They have grown to 30+ people so they really need a place of worship of their own.  Their hope is to build a multi-functional building that will double as a trades school building.

There is another church from Ontario who is spear heading this opportunity, Memorial Baptist in Stratford, Ontario. The team will consist of 12-15 participants made up of construction workers, support workers and maybe pastors.  As a pastor, I am praying about this opportunity for myself and for others in our church to be involved.

However, the concerns I have laid before the Lord are as follows…

  1. My first concern if I am to be involved is that I don’t want to take the spot of a “more productive” worker, one who is more skilled in construction than I am. I also don’t want to be tripping over the other workers.  But then again…if the Lord directs me to go, I have no other choice than to go and put my all into it.
  2. A second concern is my lack of Spanish…should the Lord direct me to go, I would want to work on my Spanish and hopefully use some of it when I am there.
  3. Another concern that I have is that others might learn from my experience…all too often those involved in short term missions raise their funds and go and we never really see the details of what they were involved in. I would also want to blog daily…leading up to the week of January 25 through to February 5, 2014 and even beyond.  While there I would hope to be able to blog and let people know in real time what the experience is like, and hopefully inspire others to go on the next one. Hence this is the reason for the start up of this blog.
  4. A similar concern that I have is …I do not want to have this little mission’s “experience” and then forget about the village of Cobulco. Again, too many short term trips are simply that…nothing more than a trip. A trip where the work is done, the time is put in and then the people to whom they served and ministered are forgotten about.  My prayer is that God would put a burden upon my heart and upon the heart of all those involved to continue our involvement in Cobulco not just this one time…but also 5 and even 10 years down the road.  It would be awesome to have a mission’s trip to Cobulco every two years for a variety of purposes.

Those are my concerns to date.  I will be certain to write up some more as God answers and leads us through this opportunity. I am excited about whom He will direct to go. Trusting Him! Image