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Trusting Jehovah Jireh …and me, a Team Pastor?

Well, this past Sunday we had a meeting with Pastor Julio Farfan from Stratford who is one of the Team Leaders for the trip to Guatemala.  The meeting was informative but we didn’t have any from our church really.  The only ones that came were my Dad and myself. Gord and Jen Stuart from Cobblestone Community Church in Paris also came but they are not sure at this point if they are interested in going. I learned at this meeting that Harry Leegstra is also going which will be neat to strengthen our relationship with him. He really seems to have a good heart for South American missions. On Monday, I learned that Randy Wilson has expressed some interest in going to Guatemala, so I emailed him to see where he was at with it.  And I received a reply from his wife, Shirley, that he will get back to me soon. Apparently, he and Mack Davenport have both indicated that they would like to go at some point on a mission’s trip together.

Personally now, my concern is to get my application submitted and my down payment of $300.  This is necessary to hold the seat I guess on the flight down to Guatemala.  I am trusting the Lord, Jehovah Jireh my Provider to provide for this…since we as a family have been living week to week financially.  So I am not sure how God will provide this. It is a significant step in the process.  And I do not want to delay any of the plans.  I was hoping my bunk bed would sell.  But each day there doesn’t seem to be any interest.

One of the things that Pastor Julio asked me was if I would be willing to be the Team Pastor, the “spiritual leader” who would take responsibility for the scheduling of the devotional times.  All the team members will take turns but I am to be the one who will schedule them and see that they happen of course. I said I would be honored to do that.