Monthly Archives: February 2016

Your Marriage Matters!


So it seems like everywhere you look…be it on the television or at the movies…marriage is almost a bygone word. Politicians and legislators have tried to redefine it and pop culture has tried to dismiss it or twist it. But someone needs to point out the obvious.

Your marriage matters! It is not a bygone word and nor is it a forgotten institution. God has blessed mankind with the obvious ability to relate with one another. Everywhere you turn you are in relationship. You relate with people. And for the most part…relationships actually work. In almost every context relationships between human kind is a beautiful thing. It is not necessarily based on dominance, it is not merely some animalistic grunting and groaning where only the strongest survive. But rather, God has created human relationships to be a beautiful thing. This beautiful thing can be traced back all the way to the Garden of Eden where we see a perfect human relationship between Adam and Eve as God originally designed it.

But that is where the trouble began. When Adam and Eve sinned against God, death and corruption entered their beautiful human harmonious relationship. Fighting, blame, accusations, insults hurts, use and even abuse sadly entered the human picture. And imperfect relationships, and marriages were the result. And so today, marriages suffer breakdown, the foundations that once held them stay together are now crumbling and deteriorating.

But this does not mean that marriage is meaningless and/or pointless. But rather, God, who designed the human relationship desires your marriage relationship to work by His grace. He wants to help your marriage last. He desires for you to know what His design is for love and marriage. There are a lot of voices that can be heard in today’s culture on the topic of love and marriage. But God’s Word, the Bible, has lasted far longer than any of them. And so instead of listening to a culture where the foundations of attraction, love, marriage and sex are rapidly eroding and twisting…God wants to share His perfect and lasting design with you.

Fellowship Baptist Church, Burford is hosting a two day Marriage Event called “The Mingling of Souls” (Yes…you got that right…the souls would be both you and your spouse) on Friday February 19 (7-10pm) and Saturday February 20 (9-Noon), 2016. Some of the topics that will be discussed frankly and matter of factly will help you understand all the stages of the human relationship we call marriage. You will probably laugh and you will probably cry…but for sure…you will be challenged as you discover God’s good design for love, sex, and marriage. For more information go to our website at or contact Pastor David Virr at 519-449-5315 or email at