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Easter Bunny & Eggs…or Not?

easter-bunny.jpgWhat is my view of “EASTER EGGS” & the “EASTER BUNNY”…(So, of course, this is a personal opinion)

Someone once asked me this question, and it required an answer. Is it true that Easter eggs were “once used as part of a pagan celebration of fertility“? Maybe it was. I cannot really say for sure. I admit that I Googled it a few times in a weak and paltry effort to find some facts…and well, I found a lot of nonsense with no solid reference points. (Note #1 to reader: I happen to trust more of the written/spoken documents when there are a solid list of reputable, and accurate researched references attached at the end. Note #2 to reader: Use the bibliography it saves so much time and effort) In fact, what I did find in my “research“, was that most of the sources revolved around personal preferences, opinions and personal beefs (that is not a typo…I really did mean “beefs“…people upset with people and so they slam what they do and believe)  and they cannot truly say for sure just exactly where the origin of such practices stemmed.

All I do know is that one weekend a year little children love to run through their home, or maybe outside in their community, like here in Burford…looking for chocolate mini eggs…because their mom and dad have lovingly and carefully placed them throughout…looking to put a brief moment of joy in the little hearts of their children.

As a pastor of a local church, should I or should we speak against it? Ban it? Walk out on it? Get our little baptist hairs on end because of it? Quite frankly, there are greater concerns in this world’s popular culture that I would be more concerned with than with cute little bunnies with baskets and chocolate Easter eggs.

Then again, if we do ban it, and speak against it…then we should in fact probably be aware that there would be a grievous double standard. So we should be prepared to follow through with eliminating all vestiges (appearances) that smack of our surrounding culture that have all too quickly have become an interwoven part of the everyday local church. Alas, what might these things be? Things such as:

  • Our beautiful Piano…(After all…pianos are often used in lounges and bars for some half inebriated piano player to entertain more inebriated adult patrons. “Play me a song I’m the piano man…” comes to mind.)
  • Our Drum set…(After all…drums have been used in rock & roll bands that sing about hell and glorify all kinds of sin.)
  • Our Pews… (After all… even pews can remind us of pagan rituals…who also use wooden pews)
  • Our Songs…(Many songs should be forbidden because the tempo remind some of pagan tribal dance. Yes I have actually heard this one too)
  • Our Attire…(People dress up in suits and ties for their pagan work places…which we should not be associated with…then again they also dress down for work…another topic for another day.)
  • Our Christmas Tree…also once was used in pagan practices of seasonal festivities…and really has nothing to do with Scripture or with the Biblical Jesus…except that it is a tool to proclaim Him.

So how can we resolve/reconcile this in good faith and in solid truth and of course maintain a genuine love and acceptance for one other?
First of all, we must understand that God is sovereign. He is the One who has always chosen to use the weak and defiled and seemingly meaningless traditions to point people to Himself. He is known to use the weak and imperfect vessels for His own purposes…to point people to Himself. (See also: 1 Corinthians 1:27-28; Hebrews 7:28)

Secondly, it is pretty much assumed that Jesus was very faithful in observing the Jewish festivals. If He had not He would have had that accusation thrown at Him. Each of the Gospels record that Jesus attended the Passover. And I am sure that the Jewish festivals that Jesus Himself attended were not at all what they once were when they began…and yet Jesus was very faithful in observing and preserving a right focus, even if Jewish hierarchy had not. The one example of Him overturning the practice of popular culture was when His Father’s House, the Temple was not being used for the right purposes…it was being used for business practice rather than worship. Admittedly, this would be a very dangerous precedent. But the distribution of Easter eggs hardly compares to what was happening in the Temple. (See also: Matthew 26:17ff; Mark 11; Luke 22; John 2:13ff; 12:12ff)

Thirdly, we need to understand that these vestiges of popular culture are simply “tools” that God allows us to use to proclaim His excellencies! And if my Christmas tree, which every year is beautifully and carefully adorned with Christ exalting and meaningful emblems…which by the way it is (was)…if it can be used by my family to proclaim the beauty, the majesty and the redemptive purpose of the Christmas Season…well, so can Easter Eggs…and Easter hunts…Oh! And chocolate too.

To my beautiful community and church family…have a blessed Easter season…truly remembering the death, burial and the glorious resurrection of the Saviour of the world…and consuming your share of chocolate!