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A Notable Life…

So, I was leafing through an end of year issue of a current magazine and as always, at this time of year, there is the usual listing of notable global influencers…people known for their personal contributions in life…be it good or bad… athletes, politicians, entertainers…who have died in the year previous, and then the article briefly marks their notable achievements and contributions.

At the risk of sounding morbid…I must confess that I do enjoy reading these articles. They serve in many ways as “at a glimpse” obituaries reminding me of the contributions each life has made. I was struck this year (2017) primarily because of the number of people who I remember from my growing up years as well…“superstars”!! Back in the day (1970’s-80’s for me) they seemed “bigger than life” they even seemed indomitable…maybe even immortal…(of course that only would be to a young impressionable mind…at the time…)

Yet, only as time can truly reveal…is the quality of each life and the contribution made. Here’s a few you may (or may not) remember: Continue reading